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The Clinic

So its not my best…but heres another slice of Flash Fiction…

The Clinic.


I was brought here a long time ago, taken from my community , the Clinic they had called it, the place I live now , I don’t really know much English but the clinic? Well I guess it just stuck with me.

I used to live out in the jungle, it wasn’t an easy life, but it was my life. Food was in constant supply you just had to know where to look for it, we built our shelters ourselves we were taught by our elders that as long as you had food, shelter and family that was a good life.

The rain had come quickly the night we were taken, I guess that’s how we didn’t spot them earlier, their scent had been hidden from us.

The elders were first to go, whilst my siblings and I were captured. The them were cheating, they wouldn’t use themselves…their weapons I cant describe them it was like an extension on top of them. They had used sticks which made deafening sounds and by just pointing them at my parents, had resulted in their deaths.

I had launched myself at them, pointless but rage doesn’t listen to logic, the them saw me leap towards them and whilst I was in mid air pointed that same enigmatic weapon at me that was when the world went black.

I woke up, checking my surroundings the memories came flooding back I looked over and one by one my siblings all sat in their own individual cages.

At first we tried to fight back

But you don’t understand, you cant understand how they work.

Day one


Two of them stand facing me, bars in between us I watch them whisper excitedly to themselves, I bang against my bars, I scream I shout I hurl abuse but they do not react they just carry on with their conversation, until one signals to another them.

In the next moment my cage is wheeled into the next room.

I am subjected to test after test until the pain comes, the pain consumes me and the world goes black once more.

Day Three.


I have lost myself, filed with their poison the anger is buried within me I cannot reach it and as my siblings call out to me they cannot reach me either, this is my reality and as I tune out my surroundings I escape to another world hidden within my mind, the them are not here and for the first time I smile.

Day Five.


I am worn out, I am quickly and abruptly brought back to reality for today is my big brother’s turn. We look over to one another, he nods at me but I am not reassured I lose his gaze as he is wheeled off to the other room.

The experiment is getting increasingly more deranged, as they try to break our bodies one step at a time and as I hear my brother’s agonised screams ringing through me somewhere underneath it all the anger comes flooding back.

Day Seven.


Today the them are bringing us all together, the them want to see how we communicate and respond to one another…in other words a breeding programme.

We play along, we act subdued, weary and down trodden the them are pleased.

They open my cage and I walk out slowly, carrying my worn down body out driven by my ever growing anger.

Pleased with my reaction the them open up a couple more cages and my siblings follow my example.

I look up, shake my head and growl ferociously, giving the signal to start attacking as the them’s mistake dawns on them.

We attack, the rage causes our primal instinct to be unleashed their blood covers the walls and as the screams of them fill the air I realise this is now my reality and I smile.




When Michael was far enough away from the Hotel, he stopped and looked back and through short gasps he bent over in order to catch his breath. His heart was pounding loudly in his chest and he looked around in a panic.

Looking back towards the Hotel, he could now see it in its purest form and it sickened Michael. A black mist had fallen upon it, in an attempt to conceal itself from Michael, yet try as it might Michael saw through the mist. Several customers had been stitched onto the outside the hotel using their flesh, they were in a frenzy, struggling to break themselves free but with every move their screams pierced through Michael sending a chill through him, he was torn between being repulsed and at the same time knowing that the people had been put there for their own actions.

He turned his head away from the Hotel, trying to block out the images of the building, Michael looked towards an oak tree in the distance. He saw the outline of a familiar figure underneath it and as relief rushed over him he ran towards her.

Josephine saw Michael come towards her, she was amazed to see him. Josephine rushed over and embraced him. Michael felt the wind go out of him as Josephine squeezed him tightly.

Josephine..I…I..’ Michael panted.

I know…I know…sshhh it’s ok now im so glad you’re back’ she said excitedly gripping him harder.

No..I….I can’t breathe’ He struggled. Josephine laughed and released him.

Sorry’ She said, a little embarrassed, stepping back from him.

People rarely make it out of there, He was right about you Michael, come on lets go’ She said as she started walking. Michael began to follow her then stopped, he looked down and saw three unconscious men sprawled out on the floor.

Err…Josephine’ Michael said stopping. Josephine glanced back

Yup?’ She replied smiling at him. Michael looked at her bewildered and pointed to the three men on the ground.

What do you mean ‘Yup?’ Who the hell are those three?’ He said raising his voice considerably.

Oh they just tried to find out where you were that’s all’ she said waving her hand dismissively

Now come on’ She said and gestured him to follow her. Looking at the trio on the floor, Michael’s thoughts unaminously decided not to argue with her and followed alongside her.


The group consisted of a mix between the hells angels and Heavens demons. The group were not unlike the staff at both the hotels, they had no desire to work at either place and decided to disconnect themselves from that way of living and chose to satisfy their appetites separately.

They had become outcasts in the afterlife and they liked it that way. However although they chose their own path, through respect and possibly fear (although they would never admit that) they had maintained an alliance with Jehovah and Lucifer. They understood that a balance needed to be in place at all times and because of the balance there were certain rules that needed to be obeyed at all times.

To an outsider the group consisted of a strange mix of individuals, it ranged from the Angels above to the Demons in the darkness. Tension cracked through the holes in the group from time to time, which was usually dealt with through the competition they were all involved with.

Stuck on the wall behind the group was a large whiteboard, a large title ‘ Leader board’ was written at the top and below was a list of all the members of the group in the order of how many souls they had collected.

So the competition just got interesting’ John stated

Dont be a fool John you saw how angry Jehovah and Lucfier got with us’ Dahra tried to reason.

Makes the hunt more appealing I reckon’ Bovria grinned.

Exactly, that would definatley get me to the top of the leader board’ Mahkra exclaimed, rubbing his hands together.

I nearly had the sap can’t believe that stupid idiot stopped me’ Melissa said sulking.

You’re female, you can’t honestly think you would have the strength for him’ Bovria joked. Melissa stared at him for a moment then brought up her hand and slammed his head on the table.

Idiot’ she said

I can’t believe you went into the hotel, when Lucifer finds out you’re gonna have to answer to him’ John said moodily.

Relax, I can handle Lucifer, its Jehovah that’s the problem.’ She added.

Where’s Peter?’ John asked.

He took his two goons and went to follow Josephine earlier’ Adreal answered.

You’re kidding right? Hahaha No wonder they haven’t returned yet, I bet Josephine spotted them’ Melissa taunted.


Come on guys settle down settle down’ John shouted banging his glass on the grimy wooden table in the Tavern.

Jehovah and Lucifer had long finished their drinks and now the patrons were waiting to get down to business. The pub was filled with friendly banter and rauscous laughter. Frustrated by the lack of response, John stood up and clicked his neck into place, bellowing:

SHUT THE FUCK UP!’ which was greeted by silence as the group looked over to him. Pleased with the response John took to sitting down.

Adreal how many times have we got to tell you, you can’t bring food in here’ He snapped at one member of the group.

One of the hells angels rolled his eyes at John and sighed.

Come on, I just found her’ Adreal began to argue back, John put his hand in the air for silence, all that was heard was a whimpering from a small woman at Adreal’s side.

The woman looked completely frightened, she had gaunt features which seemed frozen in a terrified expression. She looked like she had been out in the desert for days, her appearance was completely dirty. Her hair was unkept and her face was dirty. Her clothes were covered with sand. Tied around her small waist was a thin Red cord leading towards Adreal were he kept the end of it securely latched around his hand like a bracelet.

The woman whimpered again, she looked around desperately, her eyes lit up as she saw one of the members lift a drink to his lips, She ran at him and was instantly yanked back by Adreal

Stay Quiet!’ He barked at her. John looked at Adreal, then back at the woman

Look Lady we ain’t helping you here, besides if you’re one of his then im thinking you’re gonna be a pretty unpleasant person’ John said.

Adreal burst out in laughter

Unpleasant’ He laughed, then looked into the woman’s eyes, who turned her face away from him.

She killed Mrs Brown from next door, didn’t you love’ Adreal told John with a smirk

You don’t understand what it was like! Year after year, rubbing my nose in all the nice new things she had, Boasting, Bragging! I couldn’t take it any more’ She ranted, then stopped again breathing heavily.

Whichever, just leave her outside for a bit yeah?’ John said absent-mindedly. Adreal groaned and pulled the woman out the door after him.

A few moments later Adreal returned and slumped into a chair next to the rest of the group.

Time Travel

So im currently ill, which honestly is a complete nuisance …..

but anyway

So I had my first nap today in what seems like forever (is it just me or does a nap seem a great idea at the time then ends up makin you worse?)

Well I had a dream about time travel….which would make for some really good writing

Has anyone else written in this genre?

How do i go about it?

It seems like one of those genres where you need to be either completley mind warped or very intelligent (ideally a bit of both) to be able to pull the concept off

So any advice let me know


K.A.R.M.A Chapter 11(ii)

He stopped himself from opening it, ever since he had walked into the hotel he had felt troubled by his reaction of the building, it had materialised as hallucinations but he wanted to leave this place as soon as he could. He took a step back and handed his key to the manager

Michael stepped back and shook his head

Im not staying here’ He said with a finality in his voice

What do you mean sir?’ Sebastian asked puzzled.

Heres your key i cant stay here’ Michael said, feeling a weight lift from his shoulders. All the while he had been here he had been on edge, he was now at his calmest. He gave the key to Sebastian and started to walk off.

This was a rarity however when guests chose not to stay, there was nothing the employees could do about it.

In order for a guest to remain at the hotel they must show freewill thus opening the door themselves, Sebastian grinned to himself guests soon changed their mind about staying at the hotel once they opened the door to fit in with their own specific needs, once the door had been opened the option to leave no longer existed.

Michael had used his freewill to hand the key back to the manager, therefore he would be allowed to leave voluntarily. The rules were in place to maintain the balance, without it the hotel would no longer survive.

Sebastian showed Michael the way out and then walked off to look after the other guests. Suddenly Michael’s blood ran cold as he heard a crash swiftly followed by a scream.

Help me, arghh!’ came the voice, Michael turned on his heel and this time a man was attached to the voice. The man was badly injured, he had crawled out from a nearby hotel room and had soaked the carpet underneath him with blood. Michael rushed over to the man but before he could reach him in time. An unknown force promptly dragged the wounded man back into the room slamming the door after it. He raced to the door and tried opening it, the door rattled but was locked from the inside.

What kind of hotel is this?’ he yelled

You’re torturing the guests’ He accused Sebastian

You can’t help him, frankly I’m surprised you saw as much as you did, you’d be advised to leave now, my patience is running thin’ He warned towering over Michael.

Michael started banging on all the doors up and down the corridor,

Get out save yourselves’ but no-one answered, no-one listened, in fact no-one reacted to him at all.

sir what do we do?’ One employee asked Sebastian,

Leave him for a moment, we may not be able to keep him permanently but seeing all these injured people must be horrifying for him’ He replied with a smug grin.

Besides he can’t get another key, we’ll throw him out in a moment whilst he’s here though lets leave a lasting impression hmm?’ He finished. The employee dismissed himself and went back to work, leaving Sebastian on his own to be entertained by the obsessive Michael.

Michael ran into the reception area and headed towards the front desk, he had to rescue that injured man, he had to get his key and get him out of here. He barged past the receptionist who fell onto the desk slightly, she started to protest and was quickly tamed when she heard Sebastian instructing all the staff not to react to Michael

The other guests must not be alarmed’ He said with finality. A moment later the receptionist continued with her original work without another thought. Michael walked over to the key box, through shortened breaths he reached into it and pulled out key 116.

Got it!’ he said enthusiastically, snatching it from the box he then began to run back up towards the injured man’s room.

That’s impossible’ Sebastian said gawping at the animated Michael, then began to chase him up the stairs. Michael stood in front of room 116 and put the key in, he unlocked the door and rushed in.

Sir how did he get in? you can’t open someone else’s room with their key… sir you can’t unless you’re a..’ the rambling employee spluttered until he saw the thunderous expression planted upon Sebastian’s face

Go see to the other guests’ he said through gritted teeth and with that the employee immediately ran off.

When Michael got inside the room, he saw that the layout was identical to the one that Sebastian had shown him previously. A king-size bed dominated the room, the walls were cream coloured and a large, crystal chandelier was displayed hanging from the ceiling. A selection of delicious fruit lay neatly displayed on a glass plate alongside a vase of white lilies on top of an ebony table, positioned before the bed.

He walked further inside the room, where he saw a small blonde child straddling the bloodied man he had seen earlier. As he crept up towards the pair, he was repulsed. Michael glanced over the child’s shoulder to see her small hand deep inside the man’s stomach, she was systematically pulling his insides out and placing them in neat piles beside her, the man was busy screaming in agony when he caught Michael’s eye.

Hesitantly Michael looked around, saw the glass vase on the table, he seized the vase and struck the back of the girl’s head with it, with one blow she fell to the floor reaching unconsciousness.

Come on’ he said helping the man to his feet.

I need…I need my glasses to see’ the man said weakily, clutching at his open stomach

Hold yourself for now, we’ll be out of here soon’ Michael said scrambling to get the man’s glasses. He gave them to the man then started to half carry half support him out of the room.

When they came to the corridor, it was completely still, this was not right Michael thought, surely someone would be chasing them?

Sebastian looked on helplessly, Michael was not a guest here and as he was holding onto the other man they could not seize him either, they would now have to wait for Cerberus to intervene. Sebastian would have to speak to the other managers. No human could have ever achieved this, the sooner Michael was out of the hotel, the better.

Michael and the man climbed down the stairs

What’s your name…come on we are nearly there’ Michael asked the hurt man, trying to keep him conscious and talking.

its Wilson…..Wilson’ Mr Wilson replied shakily.

I’m Michael… I cant believe what they are doing to people here…why aren’t they stopping us?’. Michael asked suspiciously. They finally reached the doorman, The doorman looked at Michael and then at Mr Wilson

I am Cerberus you will not pass me’ The doorman replied glancing between Mr Wilson and Michael. Michael rammed past the dog-like man and went to step out of the door. Reality hit him as he heard a room-shaking growl, over his shoulder the doorman had transformed himself, he had tripled in size both vertically and horizontally. Michael swallowed and began to tremble violently as the doorman had not only grown in size but had also produced two other identical heads on his shoulders, he snarled aggressively at the meek men and with rapid speed, thrust his thick arm straight through the middle of Mr Wilson.

Mr Wilson stood motionless for a moment and then began to fall back. Michael looked over and saw that Cerberus was still holding onto Mr Wilson balancing him in a fragile position. He extended his other arm and pushed it inside the tortured man and this time pulled out his spirit. As the spirit came closer to Cerberus, the body followed submissively

You belong to us’ He screeched at the guest, who shuddered at his presence. With his hand still clutching hold of Mr Wilson he then threw the man behind him towards the other hotel staff.

There he is!’ Michael heard a small children’s voice, looking up at the stairs saw it was the young girl he had hit before, Guilt plagued him. The young girl skipped over to Michael and smiled at him

I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise you were so young, you can’t cause pain like that to people’ He told her, she poked out her tongue to him and giggled at him

you didn’t hurt me, we were playing a game right sir?’ she asked Sebastian innocently

Of course Emma, now go on’ He told her fondly, patting her head slightly. She skipped over to the somewhat conscious Mr Wilson and hugged him.

Puppy ran away, but Puppy’s back now yay!’ She said, hugging Mr Wilson tightly. She narrowed her eyes at Michael

Puppy needs to be punished………………………….he likes children in a naughty way’ she continued, then threw her arms around Mr Wilson again

Can I take him up now oh please oh please’ She asked Sebastian, he nodded and Michael watched as Mr Wilson was quickly led back up the staircase.

Cerberus then glared at Michael and intended to drive his arm through Michael as well. But to his surprise found that his hand went straight through Mike as though he had no physical form.

Unlike the paedophile he is not ours, let him through Cerberus’ Sebastian said dully. Seizing the opportunity Michael pushed open the heavy doors and ran out into the daylight without looking back.

K.A.R.M.A Chapter 11

 Mike followed Danny up to the front desk, who promptly introduced him to the receptionist then swiftly departed to greet the next batch of guests. Michael could feel dozens of eyes burning into him and couldn’t work out why the hotel creeped him out so much.

The receptionist smiled at Michael, who groaned at himself

Not another one’ He thought to himself. The receptionist was extremely attractive and so far beautiful women had provided nothing but trouble for him. She stood up and looked at him for a moment

I’ll get your key sir’ She said walking towards a box stuck in the wall, she opened it and said

Key 122 please’ a moment later she stuck her hand in the box and pulled out a key, then shut the box once more.

I dont know whether I’m staying yet, i got told i could have a look around’ Michael said hesistantly. The receptionist through her head back and laughed

Oh Sir you’re so silly! When guests arrive here they always end up staying with us’ she said with a look of amusement handing him his room key. She dropped back down into her seat and motioned for an employee to show Michael his room.

Im sure I can find my own room’ Michael told the employee.

Company policy sir, its right this way’ The employee answered. Michael looked behind him but the blonde receptionist was already serving another customer.

Michael walked through the exquisite reception area, he had to admit to himself it was a fine-looking hotel, if only he could shake off the negative thoughts he had linked with the place.

The pair walked in silence and reached the foot of the staircase which would lead them to the first floor. The immense size of it captivated Michael as it seemed to dominate the whole structure of the hotel.

As he began to climb the oak staircase he ran his hand up the smooth railing, reassuring him slightly. His thoughts wandered to his old life, he had lived an average life, managed to pay his bills on time, chose the wrong type of women and even managed to earn himself a monotonous job.

He had known what to expect, he had known what was coming next and although he had spent nearly every waking hour moaning about it, Michael found himself longing for the familiarity that had once filled his life.

His thoughts were pulled out from under him as he felt a sticky substance on the bannister, he looked down and to his horror, saw that blood was dripping on the bannister. Michael quickly withdrew his hand and jumped back nearly causing his guide to trip over

Sir what is it?’ the employee asked feeling agitated at the guest.

Theres blood on here!it’s dripping from somewhere’ Michael asked peering over the bannister to see where the mysterious blood was coming from.

I cant see anything’ the employee replied looking at Michael as if he was a madman. Sounds began to run through Michael’s mind, voices pleading for help, begging to be rescued, he looked around but there was no one there to match to the voices. Other guests passed him on the stairs, ignoring his strange behaviour. Frightened shrieks rang through him

Whats going on here?’ he yelled out, fear suffocated him, but he was more put out by the people walking past him oblivious to his rantings. He collapsed down on the stairs with his hands in his head

So many voices, where are they coming from?’ sadness ripped through his entire being, he felt utterly helpless, the cries were so real some force was causing this but he couldn’t figure any of it out.

The employee had been speechless throughout Michael’s episode, he looked down the stairs and motioned for his manager to come and help him, he had never dealt with anyone like this before and if he got it wrong he would be blamed, punished. He couldn’t have that.

Come on sir let me get you to your feet, we’ll get you to your room and you can have a sit down and a glass of water’ the employee said soothingly, encouraging Michael to his feet. With the added support Michael stood up and finished walking up the flight of stairs. The first floor corridor seemed never ending the glossy oak walls were dressed with various paintings of very important looking people but Michael did not recognise one of them. A man walked over to Michael, he was dressed in a tailor made business suit and his hair had been slicked back, he had gaunt features which were twisted up when he smiled at Michael extending his hand out to him.

Hi there Michael, I’m Sebastian Caine I’m one of the many managers here, whats the problem?’ he asked politely and nodded at the employee to leave.

You’ve got blood all over your bannister and your guests are screaming out in pain!why aren’t you helping them rather than standing here with me??’ Michael screamed erratically. Sebastian took a step back

Can you show me the blood sir?’ Sebastian asked again. Michael pushed past Sebastian and back down the staircase he was running his hands up and down the railing frantically but the blood had now gone.

Sorry sir i don’t understand’ The manager said respectfully.

It was here….this hotel…theres something about the hotel’ Michael mumbled at himself

Sir if i may….death affects us all in different ways, lets get you in your room and you can rest’ offered Sebastian.

But the voices..the guests..i have to help!’ Michael rushed at the Manager. Sebastian stopped him in his tracks

Look I will show you a guest and then this nonsense will stop… i wont have you upsetting the other guests with your idiocy’ Sebastian said giving Michael a hard look. Michael dropped back and watched as sebastian walked over to one of the rooms and knocked on the door

Yes’ came the voice inside. The manager opened the door and encouraged Michael to follow him. The room had been decorated to look tasteful and traditonal, the size of the windows allowed the sunlight to be drawn in to compliment the room even further and in the centre of the room was a massage table. A large man was resting on his front, his head leaning against his arms, whilst a woman wearing a black uniform, her face painted outlining her striking features and her smokey black hair had been pulled back was carefully running her hands up and down his back in calming motions.

Apologies for the intrusion Lisa’ Sebastian whispered to the woman.

Not a problem Sir’ She replied, whilst continuing to massage the guests looking from Sebastian to Michael with a look of slight confusion on her face.

Thats fine’ Michael said, shaking his head, the voices had disapeared and silence had returned.

Ok well i dont want to be rude…but’ Lisa started anxiously looking at the manager.

Say no more we’ve already disturbed you enough’ Sebastian cut in, steering Michael out of the room. When the door was shut again, Michael was looking bewildered

Im sorry I dont know what to say’ Michael said

Look dont apologise, lets get you to your room everything will look better tomorrow’ Sebastian said ushering Michael to his room.

Michael finally got to his room and stood outside for the longest moment, he dug the key from out of his pocket and looked at it briefly, he took a breath and went to slide it into the key hole, tension filled him again, he had been troubled by the Hotel since he got here, he looked at the manager who was waiting for him to enter his room, why was he so keen to get him inside his room?

K.A.R.M.A Chapter 10

Chapter 10.

Josephine sat cross-legged on the earthy ground opposite the hotel. She watched the building with suspicion, the sooner she could leave here the better….with or without Michael.

Years had passed and Josephine had brought many a lost soul here, hoping for them to return to her after a short time but the lure of the Hotel proved too tempting for most, Josephine mourned none of them.

She ran her fingers soothingly through the grass blades below her and a moment of calm ran through her. Josephine decided she liked Michael, he was unknowingly charismatic and slightly charming.

She leaned back on her hands and tilted her head back basking in the sunlight. She liked that she now had a moment to herself, to collect her thoughts.

A twig snapped behind her, knocking her back to reality, she jumped to her feet looking around suspiciously. A moment later she sighed

Don’t insult me guys’ She said rolling her eyes.

Show yourselves’. Josephine added, she scanned her environment quickly, then picked up a fallen branch.

There’s no need for that Josephine’ A voice replied indifferently.

I’m not the one hiding myself like a coward Peter’ Josephine said clutching at her weapon. Seconds past and then three men appeared before her.

Thinking of changing sides?’ One asked smiling at Josephine. The man had a blasé expression written all over him. Whereas in comparison the other two had eager, hungry looks blatantly pasted over their faces as they stared at Josephine. All three wore Black Leather Jackets, proudly representing their clan.

He told you to stay away Peter’ Josephine said through gritted teeth.

Peter laughed gently

and? We don’t listen to orders, we run our own rules’ Peter Finished. The two men with Peter rushed at Josephine, she glared at them and with lightening speed she bent forward plunging the stick aiming it at one man’s ribs, knocking him to the floor.

Seizing the opportunity that she was distracted Peter and the other man ran at Josephine, as she was bent over Peter Kicked her hard in the spine and with a thud Josephine slumped to her knees, The other man brought his knee up and drove it in her face causing her to cry out in pain. Her hand released her weapon and her hands were quickly tied behind her back, then dragged up on her feet by peter.

Get up Lewis, good distraction’ Peter laughed, holding onto Josephine.

Urghh stupid bitch’ Lewis said resentfully, rubbing at his ribs. The third man who was taller than the other two had been quiet up until this point, he walked up to Josephine and ran his slender , stale fingers through her hair and leant in towards her smelling her hair.

Mmmm can we eat her now?’ He said perversely.

No we need information first Edward…..although she does smell good’ Peter replied lustfully.

Josephine looked at Edward with hate in her eyes.

Tell us where that man is?’ Peter asked.

What man?’ Josephine replied looking away from the three, searching the ground for her weapon. Peter wrenched up her hands viciously sending a shooting pain up through her body.

That man you left with..don’t make me go through the whole interrogation bit, you have information…… we need information…. blah blah…… just talk ‘ Peter said bluntly tightening his grip on Josephine.

Or I could just give you to Edward here’ Peter added watching the Hungry Edward, yearning for Josephine. She responded by giving him a filthy look of disgust.

He’s in the hotel..I’m waiting for him’ She said truthfully. Without thinking Pete eased his grip on Josephine Slightly.

Are you stupid? You know no-one ever comes out of there’ Peter mocked.

Sometimes it happens..’ Josephine began, seizing her opportunity she stamped on Peter’s foot as hard as she could, causing him to release his grip on her. She ran towards her weapon, swooped it up, gripping it firmly Josephine turned to face them with a thunderous look on her face.

Now it’s my turn’. She said walking back towards them.

K.A.R.M.A Chapter 9 (ii)


Michael heard the gardener whistling to himself as he reached the hotel entrance, which was covered by the doorman who was eyeing him up warily.

Am I allowed in?’ Michael asked hesistantly.

The doorman responded with a grunt, Mike’s uneasiness grew but he choked it down, he saw that the doorman had an emblem of a trident dog’s head on his shirt

Well go if you’re going!’ he said pushing Michael over the threshold of the hotel. He looked around at the reception area, it was bustling with people heading in different directions and people were buzzing as they were waiting to be checked in. The staff were running around trying to accomodate the needs of the guests, offering refreshments and reading material whilst they waiting to be checked in at the front desk.

The walls were painted in a deep red to give the connotation of warmth and welcoming the guests. The front desk was made from a deep oak dominating the reception area and cushy chairs were supplied throughout the room to seat the customers.

The room had an aura of expense surrounding it and Michael started to feel a bit exposed in the environment, a feeling of not belonging fell over him and he was about to turn on his heel when his breath caught in his throat.

A woman in her early thirties walked past him, Mike watched her and felt her scent wash over him, equally she looked like she was out of place here, she wore big black leather boots and a figure hugging black dress which showed off her body perfectly. She had masses amounts of blonde hair which dropped just below her shoulders and crimson lips, she gave him the similar feeling to how he had reacted to Josephine. He needed this woman.

As she walked past him, she met his eyes and flashed him a smile. Michael went weak at the knees and began to follow the blonde.

She turned on her heel and led him down a dimly lit corridor she stopped and turned to face him making Michael’s heart beat intensely.

why are you following me?’She purred at him. Running a hand through her hair.

I erm…well ermm’ Mike finished lamely.

You’d like to kiss me?’ She asked, smiling at him.

Yes, Yes I would’ Mike answered transifxed on the woman. The enigmatic woman drew closer to him, she placed her hands on his head closed her eyes and began to gently kiss Mike.

He responded both eagerly and hungrily, running his hands down the woman’s back, his body responded instantly to her touch and the sense of want only intensified.

The woman began to use her tongue to engage deeper with Michael who immediatley connected back with her. Michael felt as though he was dreaming, the events of previous days were forgotten and only this moment mattered now.

Coldness began to replace the warm touch and he began to fall short of breath, he briefly pulled back in order to regather his breath but the woman only pulled him closer to her continuing to kiss him, running her right hand down his cheek.

Alarm bells rang through Mike and he tried to pull away for a second time but the woman responded by kissing him harder . He was becoming lightheaded and felt the life being sucked out of him.

He opened his eyes to see the woman still absorbing Mike’s breath his anxiousness grew and with a panic he started to use what was left of his strength to push the woman away. He found this to be of no use and instead felt a dizziness him until the world went black around him.

Michael woke up, he ached all over and his head burnt with pain, he heard two voices arguing amongst themselves.

See he’s fine!’

That’s not the point Melissa you know you cant hunt here!’

Oh don’t be so boring whats a bit of harmless competition?’ Melissa teased.

If he finds out…’

But he wont will he?’

This is your last chance Melissa’

Thank you! Well I guess I should get going Danny’ Melissa finished sweetly kissing Danny on the cheek. But Danny swatted her away

Oh get off you know that doesn’t work on me!’ He said impatiently. Mike sat up and saw it was the same woman, but this time she was accompanied by one of the hotel staff seeing that Mike was awake Melissa squatted down to talk to him.

No harm done ey? It’s just my job’ she said smiling at him. He drew back in horror

Your head?’ He said, he was awake now and he saw that the right side of the top of her head had been taken off

Oh that, oh dont worry me and Danny were just playing around i’ll fix it’ she said reaching forward making Michael whimper slightly.

oh relax’ Melissa said, as she reached behind Mike and picked up the missing piece of her head. She stood up and pushed the piece into its rightful place. Blood oozed from it slowly, Mike watched in amazement as the damaged part seemed to stitch itself back on effortlessly healing Melissa.

Can you pass me my jacket please’ Melissa asked Danny, who responded by chucking the jacket at her. Mike looked at the jacket and a familiarity passed over him.

Thats a bikers jacket’

Wow you’re observant’ Melissa replied sarcastically.

So you’re a..’ Mike started but the faintness rushed over him. Melissa turned around and swept her long hair out of the way so that Michael could read the writing on the back.

Hells angel?’ Mike read out loud

Thats right sweetie….I may have followed you here.. you should tell Josephine to be more alert she is getting old though’ Melissa said brightly.

Melissa’ Snarled Danny. Her smiled faded.

Fine! I’m Gone’ and walked off , Mike stared after her, when her figure finally disapeared Mike attempted to stand up but failed and fell back down again.

Here let me help you Sir’ Offered Danny, grabbing at Michael’s arm.

No thanks i’ve got it’ Mike said shaking off Danny’s touch, trying to stand for a second time and succeeding.

Lets show you the hotel’ Danny said walking back to the reception area followed by an apprehensive Mike.

K.A.R.M.A- Chapter 9.(i)


Chapter 9.

Josephine hurried along the desert path, all the while checking out the surroundings for any unexpected danger. Mike struggled to keep up with her pace.

Wait! slow down! Where are you going?’ Mike shouted out to her.

Look’ she said coming to a halt to glare at him. She started marching towards him.

I dont have time for your questions, its way too dangerous out here anyone could be following..’ she said but seemed to be talking to herself rather than to Mike. She surveyed the sights around her and carried on stalking through the desert.

What danger? You’ve got the wrong guy here’ Mike shouted

Ok so you are Michael James’

Right but theres more than one..’

You live at Hamilton Way?’

Well yeah’. Mike answered his uncertainty growing by the minute.

You also have a mole on your..’ Josephine added with amusement but Mike quickly interrupted her.

Yes Yes’ Mike replied and josephine turned quickly to see his face turn an interesting shade of red.

You haven’t had a girlfriend for going on two years, since Jenny left?’ Josephine asked, bemused at the conversation.

OK!please I beg you! Before i try and kill myself…well you know what I mean…I believe you ok?’ Michael finished, feeling foolish.

We don’t have time for this, you don’t understand, they can do so much worse to you than kill you’. She said impatiently, her eyes flashing angrily at him.

Mike held his hands up

ok I’ll follow’. Mike said submissively and with that Josephine’s features returned to normal

Good’ She finished flashing a smile at him , causing a chill to run down his back gently.

As before Josephine quickened her pace and failing once again Mike tried to match her pace and followed her from behind.

Whilst the pair had been arguing, they had failed to notice the stranger watching them in the distance, she had followed them from the Tavern in an attempt to satisfy her curiousity. She sniffed the air and his smell consumed her. She knew she had to meet him, had to taste him, had to devour him. She reached down and pulled out a small mirror from her leather boot.

She opened it and looked at her reflection. The stranger ruffled her hair to give it slightly more volume and put a fresh layer of crimson lipstick upon her purt lips. Satisfied with her reflection she kissed the mirror and replaced it in her boot. Then began to saunter towards Michael and Josephine..

Silence had remained between the oblivious pair and only when Mike lay his eyes upon the large white building did the silence break.

What’s this place?’ Mike asked warily.

The K.A.R.M.A hotel’ Josephine said , wiping her forehead.

They drew nearer to the hotel and Mike felt himself being pulled by the hotel itself. The hotel captivated him and he felt a powerful urge surround him, beckoning him to come closer.

Careful Michael, you need to enter but all i can tell you is keep your eyes OPEN’ Josephine advised him and he noticed a sadness in her eyes. She pulled herself closer and in turn Michael felt his heart race, she reached up and planted an affectionate kiss on his forehead. Confused by this Michael asked

Why are you acting so weird?’ Josephine let go of him and told him

I’m not allowed in there, my watch here will tell me if you are successful i’ll be waiting out here for you Michael’ then she walked away from him leaving his alone and bewildered. He looked up to the building and as the curiousity increased inside him thoughts of Josephine seemed to vanish.

Mike approached the garden and began to walk along the path in the middle of it. He felt a mixture of repulsion and admiration as he passed a statue of a serpent coiled around the globe, Michael glanced at it and felt the serpent’s eyes burn into him, he was unable to look away from the serpent’s gaze

Dont be silly, its just a statue’ He said to himself, yet he felt that it contained a power unbeknown to him.

Michael’s thoughts were quickly interrupted as he was suddenly pushed to one side losing his balance and falling on the floor. He looked up to see a plump agitated woman rush past him scowling back at him

Out of my way you gormless idiot!’ she spat at him viciously before walking off, she was then shown in to the hotel by a man who very much looked like he belonged to the canine family. Mike got to his feet and brushed himself down he did this absently and began to absorb the emotion of the hotel once again.

Mike pondered at the amount of guests in this hotel as he saw there was row after row of windows on the outside of the hotel. In the corner of his eye he saw movement in one of the windows, he stepped closer and squinted his eyes slightly.

His insides went cold as he saw a trail of blood on one of the windows and a single arm sliding down the pane of glass.

What the hell!oh my God ! what is that??’ he screamed at anyone who would listen a gardener rushed forward to see what Michael was pointing at

What is it sir?’ He asked Michael leaning on his spade slightly. Michael looked at the man who was covered in mud

Someones in trouble, we’ve gotta get someone up there’. Michael said looking up at the window

I dont see anything Sir, which window is it?’ The gardener said with a confused expression.

I.. I dont understand it was there’ Michael said rubbing his head. The same window was now completley clean and appeared the same as every other window on the building.

I did see you fall just before maybe if you get a glass of water and have a sit down?’ the gardener suggested.

Yes I guess so’ Michael said with a final glance to the spotless window, walked up to the door.

He could be trouble’ The gardener said staring at the doorman, who seemed to hear this and nodded back to him. The gardener began to dig in the garden again and looked up to the windows.

As an employee of the K.A.R.M.A hotel he got to view all the sights of the guests here. Looking up to the side of the hotel he grinned as he saw the walls were dripping of the guests blood a few were stitched against the outside of the hotel screaming about being scared of heights. Most of the windows were soiled with human blood and excrement. The newer of the guests were banging against the windows pleading for help, still with a small amount of hope that they would be rescued.

The gardener whistled to himself and continued to dig. He loved his job.